PAYYAP - The Payments App™ (Icon)
(pronounced: "pay app")

The easiest way
(for merchants)
to get paid.


The Payments App

(for merchants)

EASIER voice-driven payments

CHEAPER than Square™

FASTER than PayPal™

PAYYAP™ is cheaper than Square-Up™.  PAYYAP™ is better than PayPal™.

Take Credit & Debit Card Payments From Anywhere

Face-to-face or across the country: PAYYAP quickly & easily helps you take AMEX, MasterCard & VISA payments from anyone with a telephone.

To complete a credit/debit card payment to you, your customer needs only a simple telephone.   (Your customer does not need PAYYAP.) real-time.

PAYYAP™ is the easiest way to get paid.

Status View

Watch your customer pay you in real-time!

PAYYAP™ gives you real-time updates.

For Business

Whether you are an established company, or a new entrepreneur, PAYYAP is ready and able to help you get paid -- quickly, easily and safely.

APPROVED payments are deposited directly into your business bank account.

Take real-time payments with PAYYAP™
PAYYAP™ Voice Biometric Fraud Protection

Fraud Protection

All payments are voice authorized and recorded for your on-demand reference in the event of dispute.

PAYYAP™ LLC is a PCI/DSS Compliant Payment Service Provider
PAYYAP™ Data Encryption

Data Encryption

All your customer's financial information in PAYYAP is encrypted and stored on PAYYAP's secure servers in secure locations.

PAYYAP LLC is a PCI/DSS Compliant Payment Service Provider

FREE Debit Card (optional)

Get a free PAYYAP Debit Card when you register & activate your PAYYAP payment processing account.

(Faster access to your cash!)

Get a free debit card with your approved PAYYAP™ account.

PAYYAP Service Demonstration Video:


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PAYYAP - The Payments App™

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